Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Foundry on Thursday...

If youre here on thursday, get down to the foundry for this:

Emil is made up entirely of surgical steel and tattoo ink. Win the first pre-pre-event alleycat and help raise money for him. Organised by melbournes finest...you guys are amazing.

Monday, 23 July 2007

Squat Party flier...

Smackattack from the Shortbus Window Lickers made this flier for the squat party on friday...

5 Days to go...

People are already showing up in town, Australia representing big time already.. the buzz is picking up, all the bits are slotting into place, mad ideas to fill up any slots in the schedule are materializing all the time, trackstand darts and musical footdown and good ol' bike toss to name a few. Its gonna be a crazy, crazy weekend people...

To anyone else that's arriving in town early -the Foundry is the place for Weds, Thursday and Friday evenings..it opens at 4.30, maybe a bit earlier on Friday.London is a great place just to ride around if you need to kill a bit of time before that or have a look at one of the other pubs on the map or Great Marlborough Street W1 where London's tastiest couriers stand by.

There are maps in the rego packs available from the Foundry if you can find your way there before buying one.. its on Old Street which is one of the major West to East roads in central London. Funny enough Old Street is also the nearest tube station.

Its worth showing up to the Foundry Thursday, there will be a surprise event or two. Rego packs are ready from Thursday.

If you arrive Saturday morning get yourself to London Fields E8 (its a park, we'll be near the pub at the North end)If you'll be later than 1pm on Saturday go to Baylis Road SE1 (next to Waterloo station) Rollapluza is there, it doesn't start until 6pm but there's a variety of pubs and a park there to kill time if you miss the alleycat (or finish it ridiculously quickly), just look for all the bikes locked up.

You will be able to enter the whole event at London Fields or Baylis Road on Saturday. If you don't contact us asking for a couch right now you'll probably be
out of luck...

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Ride to Dublin

There are a lot of people doing the ride which is great, but please let
Josh know you're doing if it you haven't already cos hes getting
stressed that one van isn't enough for everyones gear, pack light cos
bulky stuff will probably need to be couriered to Dublin.

More info on the ride here


If anyone doesn't want to enter the whole weekend, here are the prices for all the bits included in the full registration, as they are a lot of independent events.
Mostly for all those skinflint Londoners this post.

Event guide - N/A
T-shirt- £10
Stickers - priceless, or ply us with beer
Friday night Alleycat - £5
Friday night party - £5
Breakfast - N/A
Trackstands - N/A
Saturday Monster Alleycat - £5
Rollapaluza - £5 door + £2 to race
Trackday - £10
Skids - N/A
Bike Toss - toss yer own bloody bike
Musical Footdown - N/A

Getting into town from other airports

Ridable, just go east till you get to central London or you can catch the tube as long as your bike is still boxed (much cheaper than the "Heathrow express" train and goes more central)

Gatwick & Luton
Proper trains go directly to central London for not too silly money, its too far to ride with much luggage from these airports. You can take your bike on these trains unboxed out of rush hour. From Luton airport there is a free bus which takes you to the train station.. bike needs to be boxed, but its not far to ride.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

PayPal registration closing Sunday

Thats right. Online registration closes Sunday evening. This is to give me time to get the money from Paypal and spend it on shirts and beer before you all arrive.

Its not too late to register after that. You can still register by showing up at the Foundry on Thursday or Friday, or just finding one of us in person. Bring cash. We like cash.